by Suchita Malik

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-2985-7
  2. Pages: 304 pages
  3. Date: February 2014


This is the story of Kaushalya, the sole heiress of a rich family, a girl who dares to dream and lives life on her own terms, questioning age-old customs and traditions. Kaushalya’s life sees many ups and downs—from a fairy-tale childhood in an affluent family to marrying into a middle-class one, from being a young widow with a child to marrying her devar. In the background, the country and Kaushalya’s land, Punjab, suffer the ravages of Partition. Kaushalya’s resilience is passed on to the other women of the family in the coming generations, all of whom look up to her as an example and follow the values she laid down for them.
Women Extraordinaire is a saga of the lives of five women of indomitable spirit, who refuse to crumble under pressure or give up because of the cruel twists of fate.


Dr Suchita Malik graduated from the University of Delhi and went on to earn her PhD from Punjab University. She has written feature articles and travelogues and is the author of Indian Memsahib and Memsahib’s Chronicles. She is currently an associate professor in English at the Government College for Men, Chandigarh.

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