Winning Like Yuvraj: Think & Succeed Like Singh

by Alpesh Patel

  1. ISBN: 978-93-5333-289-1
  2. Pages: 141 pages
  3. Date: 20 December 2018


There are many achievers and great sportspersons whose lives have inspired millions, but India’s star cricketer Yuvraj Singh is special among them. How many sportspersons have achieved so much despite facing mountainous challenges? Yuvraj grew up in a broken family, suffered from critical illness twice, had frequent injuries, break-ups, and worst of all–-was diagnosed with cancer at the peak of his career in 2011. Anyone else would have buckled under the onslaught of afflictions, but not Yuvi. He emerged a winner each time and his list of achievements speaks for itself. His impressive record in cricket and his personal achievements are truly inspirational even to accomplished individuals.

So what makes Yuvi this special? What can one learn from his life, struggle and his success? Winning Like Yuvraj offers insight into the qualities of Yuvi’s life that make him a winner amidst adversities. It offers a peek into Yuvi’s personal and professional life to learn important lessons for achieving momentous success the way he did.

The book promises not only to inspire, but also show the readers how to nurture winning qualities the way Yuvraj did. Readers of all ages, but more importantly the youth who are studying or in the earlier phases of their careers, will find this book very useful towards achieving higher goals in their lives.


ALPESH PATEL is an author, consultant and mentor to start-ups with twenty years of corporate experience. Alpesh worked as a management consultant with Big4 firms like Deloitte, KPMG and EY, where he guided reputed corporates and government on projects related to business strategy, marketing strategy, business planning, new venture set-ups, mergers & acquisitions and large transformations like the power sector reforms. He helped many global players in setting up their Insurance company ventures in India. Alpesh also worked with reputed companies like Airtel, Oracle and Ispat group. He was one of the co-applicants to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for setting up a payment bank in India.

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