When the Boss is Wrong

by Sibichen K. Mathew

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-3682-4
  2. Pages: 288 pages
  3. Date: April 2015


When the Boss Is Wrong will help bosses, subordinates and organizations find the answers to these questions and many more. In this book, Sibichen K. Mathew draws from his rich academic and professional experience and deftly delineates the ‘Fifty Shades of the Boss’ to create unique prescriptions for the ‘wrong’ bosses, and precautions and solutions for their ‘suffering’ subordinates. He emphasizes that healthy subordinate–boss relationships are critical to the growth and survival of an organization.

Written in a racy and jargon-free style, When the Boss Is Wrong is an invaluable companion for anyone who is part of an organization. Peppered with humorous anecdotes and cartoons, this is your handbook for analysing yourself and becoming the best boss. It will help you realize your strengths and weaknesses, and enable you to plan your future in a better way.


A senior civil servant, Dr Sibichen K. Mathew, is also a leadership trainer, blogger, sociologist, and a policy researcher. He is the recipient of the UGC Research Fellowship and has been awarded gold medals from the University of Kerala, National Police Academy and National Academy of Direct Taxes. He is the author of the book, Making People Pay: The Economic Sociology of Taxation. Dr Mathew is currently the Advisor, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

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