1. ISBN: 9.79E+12
  2. Pages: 296 pages
  3. Date: 2008


This is a gripping story of a young couple that gets caught in a web of fear, guilt, suspicion and alternately a sense of despair and betrayal. When Vandana, the young wife of Vishal, discovers her medical status she is understandably apprehensive of the future and when she prevails upon her husband to undergo tests to determine his status, he panics. Assailed by the memory of his sexual encounters with different partners, he gets in touch with all his partners to find their HIV status but upon finding them negative naturally suspects Vandana of not only adultery and betrayal but of also possibly infecting him with the deadly virus.

The rest of the novel unfolds the journey of the couple in exploring the truth from their point of view, each now convinced of the treachery that the other had inflicted. In the process, the faith and trust that they have had in each other is repeatedly breached and the marriage inevitably moves towards break down. But determined to find the truth behind the affliction, both Vishal and Vandana, match their wits and resources to discover it. How the journey takes Vishal to Hyderabad and Chennai before unfolding a series of events that finally helps the couple in reaffirming their faith in not only the most sacred of vows but also in the strength of the bonds of human relationship.


Rajesh Khullar is a career civil servant belonging to the Indian Administrative Service. He can be reached at khullarrk@yahoo.com