by Sneh Thakur

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-3712-8
  2. Pages: 262 pages
  3. Date: July 2015


‘I loved Siddhartha, I told myself. Loved him for his handsome dignity; for the way he loved me; for the way he cared about me; for the way he looked at me as if I was his… Why was it that I could only think of Atul then? Of our illicit meetings, of his hungry kisses, of his cardamom-ey taste?’
Sometimes touching, at times funny and always straight from the heart, Urban Shots: Love Collection is a compilation of love stories—with a distinctly contemporary Indian flavour. Spanning arranged matches, premarital sexual encounters, same-sex relationships and extramarital affairs, this book paints for us an urban landscape of contrasts—where astrological charts and the need for parental consent coexist with casual dating.
In the poignant ‘Making Out’, motivated by compassion, a girl unlocks the painful secrets of her date’s past and offers a healing touch. In the funny ‘High Time’, a potential groom’s conservative Tamil parents beat a hasty retreat when they realize that the NRI match they’ve chosen for their son has ‘boyfriends’ hidden in her past. And in the grungily unromantic ’32 B’, a prank backfires when the protagonist realizes that she desires the guy she has been leading on.
Edited by SNEH THAKUR, this book brings us stories of love, sex, betrayal, revenge and forgiveness by popular writers like Arunava Sinha, Ira Trivedi, Paritosh Uttam, R. Chandrasekar, Ahmed Faiyaz and Malathi Jaikumar, among many new voices.
‘There is something in it for everyone—be it the cynic, the romantic or the romantic cynic… Clearly, the stories are reflective of today’s India, giving the book a truly real feel.’—dfuse.in


Born in Kuwait, Sneh Thakur has an MBA from the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune. She is a brand manager by profession and has several business excellence awards to her name. She now lives in Muscat, writing by the beach and photographing mountains.