URBAN SHOTS: DOWN THE ROAD Unforgettable Stories from our Campuses

by Ahmed Faiyaz and Rohini Kejriwal

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-3799-9
  2. Pages: 248 pages
  3. Date: November 2015


Urban Shots: Down the Road is collection of short stories and essays revolving around campus life. It captures the world of classrooms and teachers, but equally it engages with crushes and bullies; the trepidation and confusion associated with one’s first crush; and the triumphs and failures of those wonder years.
In the delightful ‘Down the Road’, intimacy is not always lost with time; ‘Learning and Unlearning’ conveys that outer cheer is only a shield for inner fears; and ‘Bollywood on Campus’ is an essay of college life as portrayed by Hindi cinema.
Edited by the bestselling author Ahmed Faiyaz and Rohini Kejriwal, this eclectic anthology not only paints in nostalgic colours fond memories of campus life, but also presents those unspoken realities that scar one forever.


Ahmed Faiyaz grew up in Bangalore (now Bengaluru) and now lives in Dubai. He’s a book and film addict, and apart from reading books and watching cinemas of all genres, he is a passionate writer. He is the bestselling author of Love, Life & all that Jazz, Another Chance and Scammed, and the editor of Urban Shots: Crossroads. He has written six short films and two feature films, including Graveyard Shift, based on his novella by the same name.
Rohini Kejriwal is a freelance writer, photographer and curator from Calcutta. She is always up for a good story, travelling, new music, strong coffee and the company of crows. A self-proclaimed beauty hunter, she curates her own daily newsletter of art, poetry and music called The Alipore Post (www.thealiporepost.com).