Ultimate Grandmother Hacks: 50 Kickass Traditional Habits For a Fitter You

by Kavita Devgan

  1. ISBN: 978-93-5304-361-2
  2. Pages: 236 pages
  3. Date: 20 September 2018


Traditional eating habits are a delicious roadmap to a happier, healthier, kinder you. Our ancestors have a lot to teach us about hearty eating habits that not only focus on health but also the pleasure that food can bring to our lives.

This book is an amalgamation of many of those old-school ideas that modern nutrition is now trying to catch up with. It is an enticing guide to inculcate time-tested food habits so we can develop a healthy lifestyle and even more importantly, rediscover the enjoyment of food.


Kavita Devgan is an acclaimed nutritionist with twenty years of experience as a weight loss and holistic health consultant. She offers practical, customized programmes that deliver weight loss the right way, through modification of habits, to ensure long-term results. She is also a popular journalist and health columnist and has been writing regularly for premier media groups. While she is an excellent counsellor, her heart lies in propagating right information through her writing. A prolific and feted speaker, Kavita has been giving lectures and conducting workshops about the right way of eating and new research-based health trends for a long time now. Previously, she has published Don’t Diet! 50 Habits of Thin People.

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