by Simar Malhotra

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-3547-6
  2. Pages: 176 pages
  3. Date: September 2014


This is Rhea’s story…
Young, carefree and happy, her life revolves around her family—her loving parents and her two older brothers: Arjun, the eldest, an idealistic young man who is an active member of the People’s Party; and Daksh, who is the black sheep of the family.
Rhea is thrilled by her admission into a summer programme at Yale University. She arrives starry-eyed, and is immediately caught up by the excitement of university life in America. She makes new friends, and falls in love with the dashing and enigmatic Abhimanyu. But her world is soon shattered by a message from back home. Arjun has been made a scapegoat in a political conspiracy and implicated in a murder charge. She returns to find her father in a coma and her mother distraught. On the brink of giving up hope, who will Rhea summon to her rescue? Will Abhimanyu, who abhors India, help Rhea negotiate this quagmire? How will they unravel the mystery behind Arjun’s wrongful murder charge? Will Abhimanyu and Rhea see the tomorrow of their dreams together or walk different paths?
Find out in There Is a Tide…, a powerful debut which lays bare political intrigue and its impact on the lives of ordinary citizens.


Seventeen-year-old Simar Malhotra is a high-school student at Step by Step International School, Jaipur. Born and brought up in Delhi, she runs a NGO called Parvaah whose aim is to generate environmental and ecological consciousness. A course on Shakespeare and Creative writing at Yale University inspired There Is a Tide…
This summer she attended a course in International Relations and Social & Ethical Writing at Harvard University. She aims to work in the social sector in India, and pursue her passion for writing.