The Ultimate Metabolism Diet Eat Right for your Metabolic Type

by Dr. Scott Rigden and Barbara Schiltz

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-2028-1
  2. Pages: 264 pages
  3. Date: September 2012


Did you know that five metabolic disorders could be sabotaging your weight-loss efforts?
Learn how to jump-start a “switched metabolism” so you can lose weight again.
In this book, renowned weight-loss expert Dr Scott Rigden tells you how five
common metabolic disorders make it difficult for you to lose weight: your body
stores fat instead of burning it. Using simple quizzes and case studies, Dr Rigden
helps you identify your metabolic type so that you can correct these problems, and
then design your very own diet and exercise plans for maximum benefits. This book
is essential for anyone who wants to understand how the body functions and use
that knowledge to not only lose weight, but also to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
Grab this book, jump-start your body’s fat-burning engine and get back on the path
of safe and permanent weight loss.


Dr. Scott Rigden is a pioneer in the emerging field of functional medicine. He
practices in Chandler, Arizona, specializing in bariatrics and nutritional approaches
to chronic illnesses. He has published numerous articles on weight loss, besides
writing his book Take It Off: The Weight Workbook.
Barbara Schiltz, RN, MS, CN, is a professional nurse and a nutritional consultant at
the Functional Medicine Research Center (FMRC) in Gig Harbor, Washington.

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