The Ultimate Brain-Boosting Toolkit

by Shireen Stephen

  1. ISBN: 978-93-5333-399-7
  2. Pages: 216 pages
  3. Date: 20 March 2019


The Ultimate Brain-Boosting Toolkit is a compelling collection of more than 450 brain-boosting
and brain-busting puzzles that will keep you and your family entertained and fascinated for hours!

This book brings you puzzles that both develop and train your analytical and logical skills, along
with a multitude of others such as creativity, imagination, observation, spatial and mathematical skills, language and verbal abilities and tons more!

Train your brain with exciting challenges of magic squares, speed tests, riddles, brainteasers, grid puzzles, placement puzzles, anagrams and reverse crosswords that will supercharge your brain immediately! Not only are these puzzles fun, they also provide a fantastic mental workout for you and your family.

For anyone wanting to score better at school, work or life in general, this book is the perfect way to flex your mental muscles!

• Over 450 brain boosting puzzles and exercises!
• Tips and tricks to boost your brain every day!
• Workbook with assorted puzzles and exercises!


Dr Shireen Stephen holds a PhD in Health Psychology and an MPhil and MSc in Applied
Psychology. She is a counselling psychologist, researcher, writer and editor. She is well known for her episodic memory of remembering dates and connected events. She is also renowned for her auditory memory of remembering clients and their counselling sessions—even years later—without taking down any notes!

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