The Royal Rajputs Strange Tales and Stranger Truths

by Manoshi Bhattacharya

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-1401-3
  2. Pages: 648 pages
  3. Date: August 2012


For centuries, the tale of the Rajputs had been locked away in the custody of the Bhats (hereditary priests) while ballads sung by the charuns (bards) offered but a tantalising view of a veiled world driven by honour and passion. Researching the land and its people yielded a bounty of surprising secrets.
From the swashbuckling tales of gallantry and romance emerged the historical account of the men and women who call themselves the descendants of kings. The Royal Rajputs–Strange Tales & Stranger Truths is also a human tale of scandal and intrigue, moustaches and harems. Custom, tradition and memories born in those early days all have their reasons. So do the locations of battles and forts. Narrated in the light of an unbroken factual history, The Royal Rajputs teems with timeless tales waiting to be told.


Manoshi Bhattacharya, who began her medical career in the Indian Navy, is a practising general physician in Gurgaon. She is also the author of Charting the Deep, the history of the survey and mapping of Indian waters.

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