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  1. ISBN: 9.79E+12
  2. Pages: 175 pages
  3. Date: 2011


It is difficult to work with a dreamer — worse still lithe dreamer has the gall, the passion and the determination to pursue his dreams.

So has it been.

My brother Anil Singh, dreamt of the Marathon ?with a simple philosophy – that every major city needs a Marathon event. Together then, we laid the foundation and dug in deep the five pillars of

Pride & Prestige to the city of Mumbai
Communal Harmony
Health & Fitness

A showcase of the best national and international running talent Was it difficult? Pretty close to impossible actually At the outset, we faced a mix of contempt and disbelief. The Question asked of us was Not? What, How, Where or When, but – WHO ARE YOU: “When for the President of India, we do a 2-km rolling road closure, why would we shut Mumbai’s roads for six hours. Please tell me Who are you?

However, by the Grace of God, the vision and support of a few good men and the faith and patience of our sponsors and partners, the Marathon is today a sporting movement, that has spread to the corners of our country.

The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, has inculcated a sense of pride in our citizenry provided an exceptional platform for charity and been a catalyst for a health and fitness revolution. Through the years, the Mumbai Marathon has stayed true to its founding principles; and through this book “The Possible Dream”, we hope to inspire the youth of our country to Dream. To Dream with their eyes open ? because it is a well-known secret That when you wish for something with your heart and mind ? the Universe conspires to bring It to you’.