The Ordinary, the Enchanted and the Quaintly Happy

by Sachin Jha

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-4516-1
  2. Pages: 248 pages
  3. Date: January 2017


Life is full of choices—some easy, some difficult, some impossible. How much can reason and logic assist in making the impossible possible?

The Ordinary, the Enchanted and the Quaintly Happy, composed as a string of parables, traces the journey of four young men who had had little clarity about life as children and adulthood seems no different.

It is the story of four friends—Raghu, the ordinary and insecure; Abhay, the talented and successful; Aari, the debonair; and Abeer, the wise and contented. Each of them gropes for answers in accordance with his unique disposition and circumstances. Then just as they seem to be giving-up on life, it emerges that Abeer could have a solution at hand! However, a freaky incident unsettles the equation once again. Can logic and reason bail them out of this crisis?


Sachin Jha is an engineer from IIT Delhi. He runs a chemical manufacturing business in Rajasthan and is an avid reader. This is his second book, the first being It All Adds Up.

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