the Mystery of Palmistry A Guide to the Art and Science of Palm Reading

by P. Khurrana

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-1986-5
  2. Pages: 132 pages
  3. Date: June 2012


An ancient art with many systems of interpretation, palmistry is a subject that has enthralled mankind for ages. In this comprehensive and easy-to-read volume, P. Khurrana—bestselling author and renowned exponent of astrology, tarot, vaastu—provides to the reader a guide to the art and science of palm reading.
Explore the mysteries of palmistry in this book. Understand the connections between your past, your present and your future. Learn not only how to interpret the lines on your own hands—and those of people around you—but also the ethics and methods of the practice of palmistry


P. Khurrana has pursued the subjects of astrology, mantras, numerology, sun signs, vaastu and tarot with great passion. Columnist, author and a devotee of Lord Shiva, he has featured as an astrologer on television channels such as LIVE INDIA, Zee (Punjabi), ETC (Punjabi) and on BIG FM (92.7). He is often invited for the mahurat of Bollywood films and is advisor to many actors and business tycoons. To know more about the author, log on to www.astroindia.com

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