by P. Khurrana

  1. ISBN: 9788129115263
  2. Pages: 180 pages
  3. Date: 2009


Black magic,also reffered to as dark magic, stands for a form of sorcery that draws on dark and mysterious arts, It has been aassociated with harmful occult practices that can be harmful to people. It encompasses all those materials which are unconventional, perceptive and linked to the mysterious things in life like Jadu-Tona, mysticism and occultism. Unlike all other works on black magic and its study, The Mystery of Black Magic delves deeper into the layers into the layers of this art to unravel the truth. What makes it special: -It is founded on the most dependable and accurate principles of Tantric Kriya. It is an attempt to bring the general reader closer to the concept of Tantra. Talks of the effects that various seemingly dangerous planets like shani,Rahu and Ketu can have on a person if placed in a particular house in his/her horoscope. A complete guide to delties involved with Tantra, i.e. Shiva and Kall. Describes effects of Kaalsarpa yoga in a person’s horoscope.Figures of Yantras that can help you in acquiring name, fame, wealth and progeny.


P. Khurrana has pursued the science of Astrology, Mantrism and Vastu with great passion. Columnist, author and devotee of Lord Shiva, his work has been acknowledged world-wide. He features as an esteemed performer on Alpha TV Punjabi in an astro-based programmed Sitare Ki Kehnde Ne. He is often contacted by Bollywood for mahurat of films. He is an adviser to many VVIPs, actors and business tycoons.