THE MINDFUL MOTHER A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Enjoying Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond with Mindfulness

by Naomi Chunilal

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-3711-1
  2. Pages: 288 pages
  3. Date: July 2015


Mindfulness is perfect for new mothers—The Mindful Mother will support, nurture and guide you through pregnancy, labour and early motherhood.
Naomi Chunilal shows you how to cultivate a daily practice of mindfulness, to be present through the joys and frustrations of becoming a mother of a newborn child. Using simple and powerful self-development practices based upon Buddhist and Yogic principles, you can steer a clear path through pregnancy and childbirth, into new motherhood. Speaking to the heart with wisdom, insight and humour, The Mindful Mother gives you a practical life and emotional lifeline, helping you to:
• cope and thrive through common mothering dilemmas
• find balance and equilibrium between work and home
• restore and raise energy, vitality and resilience levels
• engage your mind to work with you, rather than against you
• survive and enjoy daily life with a newborn baby
• awaken the heart to greater love, contentment and happiness.


Naomi Chunilal started practising Buddhist meditation and Hatha Yoga around 25 years ago. Teaching Heart yoga and meditation, she is an experienced British Wheel of Yoga teacher, dedicated to guiding people from all walks of life on their path to greater mindfulness, health and wellbeing. A complementary therapist and healer, she also works at the North Devon Hospice and runs a private practice.

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