The Law of Attraction: Making It Work for You

by Deborah Morrison and Arvind Singh

  • Category Self Help
  • Format PB
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  • Price 250
  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-2014-4
  2. Pages: 240 pages
  3. Date: August 2012


‘[R]emarkably easy to read and the concepts are effective and easy to apply.’ – Michael Mirdad, author of The Seven Imitations of the Spiritual Path
If you focus really hard on what you want, it will be yours. So says the Law of Attraction, according to most sources. But is it really that simple? The Law of Attraction: Making It Work for You is an in-depth exploration of all aspects of this belief, countering the usual overly simplistic definition.
Learn how to eliminate negative influences from your life and accelerate your spiritual growth so that you are in harmony with the universe, clear common misconceptions about the Law of Attraction, and find out how to attract that which is life-enhancing. Featuring numerous exercises and examples of situations in which you can use the Law of Attraction to your advantage, this book is your very own life-coach – it will guide you to a fulfilling future that is filled not with material benefits alone but true prosperity as well.


Deborah Morrison is a poet, author and speaker from Hamilton, Ontario. She is also a psychotherapist/counsellor, early childhood educator, and yoga instructor. She holds an Honours degree in Religious Studies/Sociology from McMaster University and has conducted research extensive in Eastern and Western thought, within the framework of contemporary and comparative studies. She has published several articles on natural therapies, yoga, psychology and metaphysics. She has also written the inspirational book Mystical Poetry.
Arvind Singh holds an Honours B.A. in History from McMaster University. He has researched spirituality and religion from a multi-disciplinary perspective, with the rare ability to highlight the essence of compassion and truth. With an interest in different cultures, and growing up in a culturally diverse Canada, he derives wisdom from many eclectic sources. He has published several magazine and newspaper articles in both English and South Asian languages. He enjoys taking readers on a journey of understanding and inspiration.
The authors have previously co-written the bestseller NEXUS.

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