by Udayan Majumdar

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-2416-6
  2. Pages: 208 pages
  3. Date: September 2013


Woven around relationships, memory and desire, The Labyrinth is a haunting account of Sudipto, who, having awakened to the magic of a reclusive forest estate, forges a life-long bond with the faraway retreat, its genial owner Dadu, and his granddaughter Mrinalini.
But each of these relationships must clear the tests of time and destiny, and as Sudipto is buffeted by events he has no control over, he seeks refuge in memory of these treasured old bonds. Yet when the past comes back to reclaim him in a way he never imagined, Sudipto resists it with all his might, and in a moment of blind fury commits a crime of passion that seals his fate forever.
Lyrical and sensitive, told with humour and compassion, The Labyrinth is the unusual love story of a dreamer who wakes up to the persistence of memory and the insidiousness of desire.


An alumnus of Presidency College, Calcutta, Udayan has spent many years in the Eden Hindu Hostel and considers Kolkata his second home. He began his career as a journalist in Kolkata before moving to Delhi where he now lives. Currently, Udayan is the editor of a credit rating company, and when he is not poring over company reports, he likes to watch badminton and tennis.
His short stories have been published in The Statesman. This is his debut novel.