by Ruskin Bond

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-2490-6
  2. Pages: 208 pages
  3. Date: April 2014


‘No one heard the stealthy padding of a panther approaching the
door, pushing it wider open. But suddenly there were sounds of a
frantic struggle, and Sanjay’s stifled cries were mixed with the
grunts of the panther. Kalam Singh leapt to his feet with a shout.
The panther had dragged Sanjay out of the door and was pulling
him down the steps…’
Man-eating panthers, stealthy leopards, majestic tigers and strange birds inhabit the pages of this delightful collection that brings together thrilling tales from the jungle. From the leopard who develops an unlikely bond with a human, to a young boy who discovers a shelf of books in an old forest bungalow; from Timothy, the tiger cub that Grandfather brings home to tame, to the man-eater that terrorizes an entire village—here is a world where man and wild beast come together in surprising, fascinating ways.


Ruskin Bond has been writing for over sixty years, and now has over 120 titles in print—novels, collections of stories, poetry, essays, anthologies, and books for children. His first novel, The Room on the Roof, received the prestigious John Llewellyn Rhys Prize in 1957. He has also received the Padma Shri (1999), the Padma Bhushan (2014) and two awards from the Sahitya Akademi—one for his short stories and another for his writings for children. In 2012, the Delhi government gave him its Lifetime Achievement Award. Born in 1934, Ruskin Bond grew up in Jamnagar, Shimla, New Delhi and Dehradun. Apart from three years in the UK, he has spent all his life in India, and now lives in Mussoorie with his adopted family. A shy person, Ruskin says he likes being a writer because, ‘When I’m writing there’s nobody watching me. Today, it’s hard to find a profession where you’re not being watched!’

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