by Rajesh Kumar Thakur

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  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-2374-9
  2. Pages: 296 pages
  3. Date: April 2013


Vedic mathematics is an ancient technique consisting of sixteen sutras and
sixteen sub-sutras. It simplifi es not only the fundamental arithmetic operations,
such as multiplication and division, but also more advanced concepts such as
simultaneous equations, quadratic equations, the factorization of cubic equations,
and so on. Th is mathematical technique is rapidly emerging as a tool for students
appearing in various competitive examinations, including CAT, MAT, XAT, SAT,
engineering and banking examinations, where speed and accuracy play a vital
As a bonus for students, Rajesh Kumar Th akur has also included in this book
chapters for CBSE and ICSE board examinations. Written in simple and lucid
language, Th e Essentials of Vedic Mathematics has been designed to benefi t the
maximum number of readers. Now you can comprehend the basics of Vedic
mathematics without any help from experts.


Rajesh Kumar Th akur currently works as a director at the National Vedic Maths
Academy, a branch of the All India Ramanujan Maths Club, Gujarat. He has
postgraduate degrees in three diverse subjects: mathematics, operations research
and education. He has been teaching secondary and senior secondary school
students for the past twelve years and has written over twenty books and around
100 articles on mathematics. To popularize Vedic mathematics, he has conducted
over 180 nationwide seminars and trained more than 40,000 students. He has
conducted several talks on All India Radio and at the National Level Maths Quiz
Show. He has also written many poems, dozens of which have been published
in various magazines of repute. Th akur has received many awards, including the
National Best Teacher Award from AIRMC in 2010.

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