The Deadly Conch

by Mahtab Narsimhan

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-1991-9
  2. Pages: 288 pages
  3. Date: June 2012


The spirit of Tara’s deceased former stepmother, Kali, seeks revenge through her daughter, Layla. And so begins a series of carefully orchestrated events to cast suspicion on Tara: a dead dog in the village temple, contaminated well water, and whispers that Tara is still possessed. Layla fuels the villagers’ blind superstitions and fears, and soon all of Morni is against Tara, even her own family. Death seems to be the only way to stop her evil stepsister.
Tara turns to Lord Yama and his deadly conch for help. He takes her to the Underworld to seek advice, but when she returns, she has only twenty-four hours to prove her innocence and to save the village before she must go back to the World of the Dead. Forever.
Can Tara believe in herself once more to defeat Layla, or will Lord Yama and his deadly conch claim their next victim? The harrowing conclusion to the thrilling Tara Trilogy answers these questions and more.


Mahtab Narsimhan, a native of Mumbai, has always been fascinated by Indian mythology, fantasy, and adventure. This came together with the unique cultural and spiritual energies of India in her debut novel, The Third Eye, which won the 2009 Silver Birch Award. The Tara Trilogy (with sequels The Silver Anklet and The Deadly Conch) has received critical acclaim. She lives in Toronto with her husband, Rahul, and her son, Aftab.

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