by Ashima Chalia

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-3478-3
  2. Pages: 160 pages
  3. Date: March 2015


Designer clothes, swanky cars, unlimited one-night stands, successful careers, loving families and cute children—the Fiasco Five, once the most popular group of friends in St Magnum College, have got what they desired in life. Or so it seems.
An invite to the long-awaited college reunion brings back old memories and a golden opportunity to relive the life that the Fiasco Five once enjoyed. Little do they know that once they reach their alma mater, not only will their past catch them off guard but their lives will no longer be the same. As the friends stare down the barrel of the gun—quite literally—the critical question remains: Is it too late?
The Chaos Within dwells on the most cherished college memories of five best friends and an incident at the college reunion that changes their lives. It is a roller-coaster ride of fun, laughter, hatred and courage that bears testament to the most enduring relationship of all—friendship!


Ashima Chalia has a degree in law from the prestigious National Law University, Jodhpur. Having successfully worked for over three years in corporate consultancy with one of the leading consultancy firms, where she dealt with multinational and Fortune 500 clients, Ashima realized that her true passion lies in creative writing. In order to pursue her passion she gave up her flourishing corporate career and dedicated her time to writing her first work of fiction, The Chaos Within. She also has a keen interest in fashion journalism and holds a certificate in fashion journalism from the London College of Fashion. In addition to penning her first book, Ashima writes extensively on current fashion trends in her blog ‘Ashima Wandering’. You can know more about Ashima by visiting her website: www.ashimachalia.com.