The Best of Tall Tales: True Stories from India’s Longest Running Storytelling Series

by Michael Burns

  1. ISBN: 9789353041489
  2. Pages: 165 pages
  3. Date: 10 November 2018


The Best of Tall Tales is a collection of stories curated from the lives of real people. The storytellers in this collection bare their soul, share their inner-most desires, fears, hopes, and inadequacies. Yes, it’s a one of its kind collection where the stories are real, characters are real, and so is their pain and pleasure. One story talks about the ups and downs of being Bollywood extra; the other takes you into the life of a fortune teller; and yet another shows you the terror of stalking! These tales will leave you shocked, and at the same time these will inspire you. They don’t push just one button—they push all your buttons. And that’s the common thread among all the short stories you’ll read in this book.

What do these stories, have in common? They’re born from deep honesty, which might be the most important ingredient in a great story. Comic stories, scary stories, romantic stories, stories on social justice—they all go from interesting to unforgettable.


Michael Burns is a university teacher, writing coach, actor, editor, and storyteller. Originally from the United States, he has been living in Mumbai since 2011.

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