THE ALL BENGALI CRIME DETECTIVES-II The Mysterious Death of Probhat Sanyal

by Suparna Chatterjee

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-3590-2
  2. Pages: 256 pages
  3. Date: September 2015


A ghost that was ostensibly spotted in eerie Makaibari—one of the oldest tea gardens in Darjeeling—finds its way to modern-day Calcutta, to the home of Probhat Sanyal, the erstwhile manager of the tea estate. ‘The ghost has returned!’ exclaims a horrified Sanyal, whose sudden death raises questions. Was the phantom-sighting merely a figment of his imagination? Or was it connected to solid facts? In The All Bengali Crime Detectives-II, an eclectic mix of four retired Bengali men return to solve this new mystery, and recreate what might have happened one night in Makaibari, so many years ago.
Even as our crime detectives forage for clues, a colourful array of characters demand attention—from Poltu, the roadside Romeo, who works on his romantic advances; to the local lass, Piya, whose parents are convinced they have found her the perfect groom! To complicate matters, the rivalry between Milonee and Sabuj Kalyan clubs intensifies, making things uptight and personal between the two.
With so many diversions, will our four intrepid investigators piece together Sanyal’s secret life? Find out in this page-turning, rollicking ‘all Bengali’ whodunit!


Born and brought up in Kolkata, Suparna Chatterjee devotes her time to concocting mysteries for her protagonists to solve. When she’s not dreaming up whodunits, Suparna is either reading, or meditating, or travelling the world, or taking care of her family. A theatre enthusiast, her musical ‘Anand and Benaifer’ has been staged in Mumbai and Bengaluru.
Suparna currently lives in Bengaluru with her husband and daughter.

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