The 4-Week Memory Challenge

by Shireen Stephen

  1. ISBN: 978-93-5304-058-1
  2. Pages: 224 pages
  3. Date: 10 June 2018


Designed for all ages and abilities, The 4-Week Memory Challenge is a simple guide that provides day-by-day training to supercharge your brain and improve your memory drastically and immediately.

In just one month, you will discover how to unlock the phenomenal power of your memory and learn how to use it to its maximum potential. What’s more, you will find that your memory is noticeably sharper and your mind is much more active. From fun rhymes and music to taking long memory journeys, this book is the perfect way to flex your mental muscles and train your brain!


Dr Shireen Stephen holds a PhD in Health Psychology and an MPhil and Master’s in Applied Psychology. She is a counselling psychologist, researcher, writer and editor. She is well known for her episodic memory of remembering dates and connected events. She is also renowned for her auditory memory of remembering clients and their counselling sessions—even years later— without taking down any notes!

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