Teresa’s Man and Other Stories from Goa

by Damodar Mauzo, Xavier Cota

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-3646-0
  2. Pages: 208 pages
  3. Date: October 2014


Peter wheels his bicycle out. Mounting it, he puts one foot on the pedal, the other on the threshold, and waits for Teresa. This was how he used to wait for her at the station two years ago. He used to be in love with her then…

Sahitya Akademi-awardee Damodar Mauzo is one of the most prominent, prolific and feted figures in contemporary Konkani literature. His writing spans an enormous range, straddling both urban and rural geographies, and runs the gamut of human emotion—the paralyzing helplessness of the small farmer in the face of implacable nature; the eternal ebbs and flows of the man-woman relationship; and the many humiliations, small and large, of raising a differently abled child.

In the title story, an ineffectual husband finally reaches his boiling point; ‘Coinsanv’s Cattle’ is a heart-breaking depiction of how a farmer couple must make the impossible choice—send their beloved animals to slaughter or face starvation; and, in the quietly humorous ‘A Writer’s Tale’, a senior author becomes the unwitting subject of a woman’s fiction.

Compiled with care, and smoothly, felicitously translated by Xavier Cota, Teresa’s Man and Other Stories from Goa brings to readers tales which are as compellingly local in their flavour as they are universal in the ideas and emotions they evoke. This volume is a must-read.


Damodar Mauzo is a novelist, short-fiction writer, literary critic and scriptwriter. His works include the short-story collections Chit’tarangi (for children), Ganthan, Zagrannam, Rumadful and Bhurghim Mhugelim Tim; the novellas Sood, Tsunami Simon and Ek Ashil’lo Babulo (for children); the novel Karmelin (recipient of the Sahitya Akademi Award 1983); and the biographical sketches Oshe Ghodle Shenoy Goembab and Unch Haves Unch Mathem. He wrote the screenplay for the National Award-winning film, Aleesha, as well as dialogues for two more films.

Xavier Cota, teacher, former banker, and sports administrator, translates fiction and non-fiction from Konkani to English. He has previously translated two works by Damodar Mauzo: a collection of short stories, These Are My Children; and the novella, Tsunami Simon.

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