Stealing Nasreen

by Farzana Doctor

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-1981-0
  2. Pages: pages
  3. Date: May 2012


The lives of three very different individuals, all of whom belong to the same
small religious community, intersect while they try to find and pursue love and
life itself.
Set in Toronto, which is home to Nasreen—an Indo-Canadian lesbian and burnt-out
psychologist—but a new world to Shaffiq and Salma, Stealing Nasreen offers a unique
view of the world of the ‘immigrant’ through three different viewpoints.
While working in the same hospital, Shaffiq becomes increasingly fascinated with
Nasreen, causing him to bring home and hide things he ‘finds’ in her office. Salma
discovers some of these hidden treasures and suspects that something is amiss.
In the meantime, Nasreen begins attending Salma’s weekly Gujarati classes, and
Salma too finds herself inexplicably attracted to her student. And an impulsive
kiss sets off a surprising course of events…


Farzana Doctor is a Toronto-based writer whose work has been published in
Siren Magazine, Trikone, Sightlines 7 Anthology, and Aurat Durbar. She has also had
chapters, reviews, and articles published in edited books and journals, has cowritten
a manual for therapists, co-written plays, and co-produced a documentary
video. She is a social worker, educator, and consultant as well. Her second novel,
Six Metres of Pavement, received many accolades and was the winner of the
Rainbow Award for Best Lesbian Contemporary General Fiction in 2011. It
was also named one of the Top Ten Books of 2011 by NOW magazine. Find out
more about Farzana on her website—www.farzanadoctor.com and her blog—www.

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