Somewhere to Go

by Shambhavi

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-4742-4
  2. Pages: 208 pages
  3. Date: June 2017


They were the perfect couple, Aysher and Risha. Both had the most coveted job in the media. Aysher was a dynamic TV news reporter and she was the news anchor. Both were young and achievers in their own right. Theirs was the most envious of all relationships. Until Aysher was struck by the existentialist question: What am I doing here?

From here the story of this urban and successful young couple took an extraordinary turn. Aysher went on a self-discovery mode and a journey which took him to unknown places. Will Aysher and Risha be united once again? Will their relationship be the same all over again? Or is Risha in for a surprise of her life?

Somewhere to Go is a journey of every modern relationship.


Shambhavi, born and brought up in Lucknow, is an alumnus of Loreto Convent. She has done Bachelors in Computer Applications and post-graduation in Mass Communication.

Based in Delhi, she is currently pursuing her PhD in Mass Communication and Media.

Shambhavi is a mother of two sons, aged eight and nine, and the wife of an IPS officer. She has a keen interest in nature, life and its various dimensions.

The author can be reached at shambhavitheauthor@gmail.com.

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