SMART PARENTS, SMARTER KIDS The New-age Parenting Guide

by Dr Pradeep Kapoor and Dr Neelkamal Kapoor

  • Category Self Help
  • Format PB
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  • Price 202
  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-3595-7
  2. Pages: 202 pages
  3. Date: July 2015


Parenting has never been as challenging as in today’s world of working parents, hectic schedules and nuclear families. Along with being a confident professional, you also have the crucial responsibility of nurturing and shaping your child’s future.
Smart Parents, Smarter Kids brings to you a new-age parenting philosophy that will make sure that your kids outshine you!
Inside are topics as diverse as ‘Working Parents’—striking a balance between your child’s needs and your career goals, ‘Crèche—the Dear Friend’, ‘The Go, Grow, Glow Nutrients’—planning nutrient-rich diets for your kids, to the more sensitive and rarely discussed, ‘CAN—Child Abuse and Neglect’ and ‘Single Parenting’.
Including tips, suggestions and solutions, coupled with personal accounts of parents and children, and written by a doctor couple with more than two decades of experience, this book is an expert’s guide to optimal child growth and development.


A gold medallist, Dr Pradeep Kapoor (MBBS, MD) is a paediatrician based in Bhopal. He is an established name in the field of parenting, having written several highly successful books. His first book, Make Your Child a Winner, is a bestseller and has been translated into seven languages. His novel, Fosla, a humorous take on life in a medical college, is a rage among readers, both young and old.
A popular medical teacher, Dr Neelkamal Kapoor (MBBS, MD) is a professor and head of the Department of Pathology and Lab. Medicine at AIIMS, Bhopal. She is a WHO Fellow and also a Rotary GSE Fellow. Her book, Commonsense Parenting, is a big hit among parents. Besides her eminence in the field of medicine, she also writes stories, features and articles on health-related and other issues. To her children, she is a very supportive, accepting and fun mother.

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