Six Metres of Pavement

by Farzana Doctor

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-1982-7
  2. Pages: 376 pages
  3. Date: May 2012


Ismail Boxwala made the worst mistake of his life one summer morning twenty
years ago: he forgot his baby daughter in the back seat of his car. Now, after his
daughter’s tragic death, he struggles to continue living. A divorce, years of heavy
drinking, and sex with strangers only leave him more alone and isolated.
But Ismail’s story begins to change after he reluctantly befriends two women:
Fatima, a young queer activist kicked out of her parents’ home, and Celia, his
grieving Portuguese-Canadian neighbour who lives just six metres away. While a
slow-simmering romance develops between Ismail and Celia, dangers lead Fatima
to his doorstep. Each woman makes complicated demands of him, ones he is
uncertain that he can meet.


Farzana Doctor is a Toronto-based writer whose work has been published in
Siren Magazine, Trikone, Sightlines 7 Anthology and Aurat Durbar. She has also had
chapters, reviews and articles published in edited books and journals, has co-written
a manual for therapists, co-written plays and co-produced a documentary video.
She is a social worker, educator and consultant as well.
Her first novel, Stealing Nasreen, received many accolades and was shortlisted for
the Masala! Mehndi! Masti! Readers Choice Award. It was also named one of the
Top Ten Books of 2011 by NOW magazine. Find out more about Farzana on her
website—www.farzanadoctor.com, and her blog—www.farzanadoctor.wordpress.

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