by Priyanka Luthra

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-3115-7
  2. Pages: 200 pages
  3. Date: May 2015


Meet Captain Meera Khanna. As a first officer on an Aeroflot Aviation plane, with a luxurious apartment in the beautiful city of Manila, she seems to have it all. Flying to exotic destinations, navigating turbulent flights through typhoons and handling engine failure are all in a day’s work. Even when a leg injury forces Meera to take time off her busy schedule, she has the perfect solution—an exciting vacation to Subic Bay with her glamorous best friend Diana, aka Dee. And nothing could have been a better idea, what with the unexpected arrival of her childhood friend, the suave Aditya. But when Aditya seems to want more than friendship, it throws Meera off-kilter. Will Meera’s perfect life come to an abrupt landing? Or will she find her happily-ever-after?
In Simple Plane Love, join Captain Meera on a rollicking adventure, where navigating an aeroplane seems simpler than negotiating the many twists and turns of love.


Captain Priyanka Luthra is a trained commercial pilot. A dream-chaser by choice, she combined her passion for flying and storytelling in this, her first book. She belongs to the minority community of women pilots in India and now lives in Mumbai