Scammed: Confessions of a Confused Accountant

by Ahmed Faiyaz

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-3530-8
  2. Pages: 176 pages
  3. Date: October 2014


Hitesh Shah, despite a coveted job in a top accounting firm, leads a miserable life. He is labelled a nerd by colleagues and, soon, cannot resist a lucrative job offer from a failing automobile company after being denied a long overdue promotion. He joins his new job with a number of quick-fix solutions and canny ideas, and is quickly championed as the poster boy of emerging India. But his fairy tale ends abruptly when disgruntled ex-employees frame him in a financial scam, accusing him of defrauding thousands of investors. Hitesh is forced to go on the run, fearing for very his life, with the police, political goons and tabloid media on his tail. With growing public and media opinion against him, will Hitesh come out of the mess he finds himself in?


Ahmed Faiyaz grew up in Bangalore and now lives in Dubai. He’s a strategist by profession, with a number of years in management consulting behind him. He is the bestselling author of Love, Life and All That Jazz and Another Chance. His stories are also featured in the bestselling Urban Shots series.

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