Right from the Start

by Mandira Kumar

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-3575-9
  2. Pages: 298 pages
  3. Date: April 2016


It is widely appreciated that a child’s early years are crucial to his or her later development. It therefore becomes imperative to provide the right kind of enriched, nurturing environment that can help young children maximise their potential in the years to come.

Right from the Start addresses parents and caregivers who enjoy the hands-on experience of child-rearing, but wish to do so in an informed way. The book walks the reader through the domains and milestones of child development in the first four years, and offers a rationale for selecting playthings and activities appropriate for each stage. The tips on childcare and stimulation are suited to the Indian context. A glossary at the end demystifies the language of child development, while a section on red flags is an important resource for parents concerned about their child’s developmental progress. The accompanying illustrations and photographs help in easy understanding, and allow one to step into the world of children and observe their play and development.

The book is a valuable addition to the library of those interested in the development of young children, and essential reading for parents, parents-to-be and childcare professionals.


Mandira Kumar is the founder-director of Sutradhar, an early childhood resource centre based in Bangalore. She has a Master’s degree in Education from Harvard University, and has worked with various child-related organisations for over three decades. She was awarded a fellowship by Ashoka Innovators for the Public in recognition of her work as a social entrepreneur.

Apart from her interest in early learning, she is also passionate about art and craft, children’s picture books and toys, trees and wildlife, food and travel.

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