Plain Tales from the Hills

by Rudyard Kipling

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-1963-6
  2. Pages: 304 pages
  3. Date: September 2012


‘Some people say that there is no romance in India. Those people are wrong. Our
lives hold quite as much romance as is good for us.’
Rudyard Kipling’s first and best-known collection of short stories, Plain Tales from the
Hills is a colourful and intricate depiction of life in India during the British Raj.
This collection, which brilliantly showcases Kipling’s inimitable style, includes ‘Miss
Youghal’s Sais’, a tale of an impossible love, ‘In the House of Suddhoo’, in which
black magic is used to deceive an old man, and ‘Pig’, in which vengeance takes an
unusual, epistolary form.
Humorous, occasionally tragic, these stories provide a unique perspective on the
society of the times, particularly the apprehensions with which the races and classes
approached each other.


Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) was born in Bombay, and completed his studies
abroad before returning to India, where he wrote his celebrated work Plain Tales
from the Hills. A novelist, poet and short-story writer, he won the Nobel Prize for
Literature in 1907, becoming the youngest person to have ever received this award.
He also received the Gold Medal of the Royal Society of Literature in 1926.
Among Kipling’s several acclaimed books are the iconic The Jungle Book and Kim.

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