ParenTEEN: How to Nurture Your Adolescents in Modern Times

by Prakriti Prasad

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-5119-3
  2. Pages: 200 pages
  3. Date: 20 March 2018


Children act as our biggest stress busters, bringing happiness and meaning into our lives. Overcome with love and commitment to raise the best kind we invariably stretch our time, attention and wealth. Just when we begin to revel in the camaraderie we share with our growing child, teenage strikes. And lo behold! Our lovable bundles of joy suddenly turn into our biggest stress creators. All the laughter and banter in the house tend to get replaced by unwarranted outbursts, tears and verbal duels, which constantly test our limits.

Teenage can be stressful both for children, who experience all kinds of physical and emotional changes, as well as for parents who find themselves emotionally drained dealing with constant authority challenges, indifference and slammed doors.

This exclusive handbook on parenting of teens focuses on decoding the insecurities, dilemmas and interests of our youngsters in order to understand them better. It emphasizes on keeping all channels of communication open and addresses an entire gamut of teenage issues pertaining to peer pressure, gadget addiction, underage drinking, stress, anger, complacency and privacy—to name a few.

Armed with a better understanding of teenagers instead of archaic perceptions of parenting, we can hope to not just steer our children towards excellence, but even make friends for life with our teens.


Prakriti Prasad is a senior journalist and columnist on parenting issues. She has worked with several leading publications including The Times of India, The Business Standard, The Indian Express and The Himalayan Times for over two decades. She has written and edited coffee-table books for Dainik Jagran and The Times of India. Besides being a freelance writer, she espouses social causes by anchoring events on issues close to her heart. As a relationship and meditation mentor and a parenting expert, she conducts wellness workshops and individual sessions with youngsters and adults. A music aficionado with a ‘prabhakar’ (graduation) in Hindustani classical music, Kathak dance and playing the Sitar, she believes in connecting with people through her art. A die hard optimist, she considers an ever-increasing circle of friends her biggest achievement in life.

Prakriti is based in Kolkata, India.

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