ONE MIND, MANY THOUGHTS Notes from a Common Man’s Diary

by Pravesh Jain

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-2905-5
  2. Pages: 192 pages
  3. Date: March 2014


In One Mind, Many Thoughts, Pravesh Jain voices the anger and frustration of the common man and talks about how rabid commercialization, materialism, greed and corruption are eating away at the roots of our very existence. He expresses his concerns about how the changing times have eroded traditional values and norms, and bemoans the arrogance of the rich and powerful, the lack of healthcare and other facilities for the elderly and the poor, rising prices, and all the other ills that plague twenty-first century India.
As Pravesh Jain eloquently says, the nation today has become a banana republic, where democracy means ‘of people with power and money, by them and for them’—the only way to end this is to unite and build a society where every citizen, whatever his status or position, can live with dignity and prosper.
At the same time, Pravesh puts across some practical suggestions on how we can live more meaningful and positive lives. He feels that if a person is compassionate and considerate to others, is honest and humane, respects his family and the environment, it could be a beginning that will lead to a new rejuvenated India.
Thoughtful and invigorating, this book is a must-read for all those who believe that being positive in both mind and spirit helps negotiate the joys and sorrows of life.


Born and educated in Delhi, Pravesh Jain is a quiet philanthropist. His Paras Foundation runs an old age home, a school for 180 street children and an institution for the visually impaired, all in Delhi. He is also a successful businessman.
Columns written by Pravesh appear regularly in The Pioneer and The Asian Age. This debutant author is well into writing two more books—both fiction.

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