Mussoorie and Landour:Footprints of the Past


  • Category History
  • Format Hardback
  • Imprint Rainlight
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  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-2434-0
  2. Pages: 352 pages
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The twin hill stations of Mussoorie and Landour were established by the British in the early nineteenth century as a respite from the heat and dust of the Indian summer on the plains. Even today, these places continue to attract visitors by the hordes, thanks to their salubrious climate and leisurely way of life. While Mussoorie is more ‘touristy’ and bustling, Landour is a quiet getaway for those looking for a break from city life. Much has changed over the years, but both these towns still retain an old-world charm, adding to their appeal.
This book takes the reader on a journey through the history of these towns, from the late eighteenth century—when Frederick Young, the founder of Mussoorie and Landour Cantonment, was born in Ireland—up to India’s Independence. With beautiful photographs, evocative illustrations and fascinating snippets of local lore, Mussoorie and Landour brings alive the stories behind these charming hill stations like no other.


Virgil Miedema and Stephanie Spaid Miedema, father and daughter, lived in India in the waning years of the twentieth century and the early years of the new century. While working and studying in New Delhi, they soon became acquainted with Mussoorie and Landour. Treasured leisure time there, away from the heat and bustle of New Delhi, combined with an interest in British colonial history, led to this book.
After over thirty years in Asia (Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia and India) as a teacher, economic development officer and agro-marketing businessman, Virgil is now retired and living in the United States. Stephanie is a social science researcher focused on gender equality and women’s rights across South and South-east Asia. She received her BA in international relations from Mount Holyoke College (USA) and her MA in international studies and diplomacy from the School of Oriental and African Studies (UK). Stephanie recently completed several years of UN-funded research in the Asia-Pacific region and is now pursuing doctoral studies in the United States.

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