1. ISBN: 9.79E+12
  2. Pages: 232 pages
  3. Date: 2010


Samarth’s (Sam’s) life becomes hell after his Mom discovers a love letter he had written to a girl. Love at the age of ten? His Mom is all set to freak out! Sam hates everything around him. Danny’s music class is the only place where he finds some solace and in the years to come, he realises that music is his true calling. But is it? His parents feel he is too young to take his own decisions. But Sam is a rebel. He makes sure that he joins a new high school far away from home and out of his Mom’s reach. With his new-found friends Amey and Amar, Samarth lets go and leads a crazy life, full of parties, night-outs, porn, alcohol, love, lust and sex. But is life all about having fun? Find out the answers as you follow the escapades of the young, creative Sam, who yearns for a carefree life and absolute independence.

  • High on adrenaline but short on freedom, the book is a perfect blend of romance and fun.
  • Mentally adult but physically restrained, it narrates the story of a young teenager who yearns for his freedom, the story of today’s youth.
  • Not tied to the apron but tied to finger strings, it deals with the story of a “Mamma’s Boy” who is mentally strong but emotionally very lonely – the dilemma of young adults of today.
  • It talks about the dreams and aspirations of the young and also the difference in ideology between the generations.


Subhasis Das is an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer from MIT College, Aurangabad. His hobbies include surfing the net, reading, writing and travelling. He has written scripts for the stage and acted and directed plays for his college. He has also won accolades for his performance in painting, quiz competitions, debates, essays and story writing competitions at the national level.