Marketing: Tricks of the Trade They Won’t Teach You at B -Schools!

by Adit Chouhan

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-4808-7
  2. Pages: 248 pages
  3. Date: September 2017


No management school prepares a budding marketing professional for the real world. Most
business courses end up offering only theoretical knowledge on marketing. Filling in this crucial
gap, this book offers practical tips on marketing strategy, planning and execution. It is a quick
guide to the hands-on approach of marketing as opposed to the hundreds of theoretical books
available on the subject.

This book is a step-by-step guide on planning and executing TVC, prints, OOH, radio, BTL
and digital campaigns as a marketer and more. How do you manage your bills? What do you
as a marketer understand by negotiation? How should you manage internal communications?
What is social/business networking and how can this be managed? Find answers to all these
questions, and more, explained in this book in the most pragmatic manner.

Marketing: Tricks of the Trade They Won’t Teach You at B-Schools! is a must-have for any management student, marketing professional or entrepreneur who wants to be a notch above her/his peers. Sharpen your marketing acumen, know the trade secrets, and get it right every time!


Adit Chouhan is a Marketing Coach, Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur and Writer. His first start-up venture was Cornucopia Weekends Planner, and he has now founded CLICKS
(—an effective and affordable digital marketing solutions agency,
located in Pune. He enjoys teaching digital marketing to working professionals over the weekends.

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