M for Misfit

by Sarika Pandit

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-3544-5
  2. Pages: 190 pages
  3. Date: November 2014


Management trainee and first-time employee in the fridge-manufacturing giant J & K Ltd, Zoey is clueless about where her life is headed. She has barely managed to pass out of B-school when fate pushes her into another whirlpool. And, a look at her own fridge will confirm that she has no fascination for them.

The tall, thin, frizzy-haired Zoey enters J & K shaky-legged. And, when her scary boss Wimp-eater sends her to the company’s seedy Delhi branch to map all the consumer durable outlets in the city, her life goes into overdrive. Chances of it stabilizing seem slimmer by the day as she dodges gaalis from the Delhi boss, Chhota Don, and fends off lecherous looks from distributor Shady Singh, all the while evading her clingy ex, Velcro Man.

Then, just as she finds herself on the brink of a nervous breakdown, she is sent back to Mumbai. The move turns out to be a plunge from frying pan into the fire as Zoey becomes a victim of dipping sales and growing slurs, forcing her to ask questions so existential, even Kafka would be impressed.

Read on to find out how Zoey finds her way back to what she wants, both personally and professionally.


Sarika Pandit lives in Mumbai but zips out of the city whenever pangs of wanderlust strike. When she is not travelling, she splits her time writing and working as a market research professional. Her travel articles have featured in publications such as The Times of India, National Geographic Traveller, Mint, The Pioneer, Deccan Herald and Femina. Her first book, Bucket List of a Traveloholic, a travelogue, was published in 2014.

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