by Julia Regul Singh

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-2480-7
  2. Pages: 288 pages
  3. Date: March 2015


Beautiful and intelligent Christina von Hoisdorf is on a career high; she is the youngest tenured professor of Sociology at the New York University, with several books and guest lectureship offers under her belt. But little does she know that a chance encounter at a West Village café will turn her life upside-down, when she meets the dashing and handsome Andalip, an investment banker from New Delhi. Andalip offers to buy her a coffee, and soon after that they fall in love.
As their relationship progresses towards marriage, Christina suddenly finds herself remapping her life, leaving New York to land in the hustle and bustle of India for an Indo-German wedding. But a series of cross-cultural misunderstandings are in the offing—from delayed flights and disastrous wedding invites to stolen wedding jewellery and Andalip’s grandmother’s ‘heart attack’—and the two find themselves struggling to maintain their relationship, as well as their own cultural identities. Will Andalip and Christina’s love survive? Or will Andalip’s grandmother’s firm belief—of never mixing cultures when it comes to choosing a spouse—ring true for them as well?
Funny, warm and especially relevant in today’s world of multicultural romances, Leap of Faith is a heart-warming testimony to the power of true love.


Julia Regul Singh worked as an urban planner and urban designer in Germany and the US before turning to writing. She holds a Bachelor of Geography from the University of Bayreuth (Germany) and has a master’s degree in Urban Planning and Urban Design from the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg (Germany). She is also the author of Boris the Bench, a children’s book.
Julia resides in New Delhi with her husband, bringing up their three children Punjabi-style and working on her Hindi.