1. ISBN: 978-81-291-1994-0
  2. Pages: 334 pages
  3. Date: December 2012


Set in the teeming streets of colonial India, Kipling’s novel tells the story of
Kimball O’Hara, a young Irish orphan who leads a vagabond existence, growing
up in the walled city of Lahore. He befriends an old Tibetan lama searching for
the mythical River of the Arrow, and with him, sets out on an incredible journey
along the Grand Trunk Road.
En route, Kim is embroiled in a series of adventures that have him thieving,
begging and trying his hand at disguises with an eccentric bunch of characters—the
enigmatic Sahiba of Saharanpur; the mysterious Bengali babu, Hurree Chunder
Mookherjee, and the Pashtun horse-trader, Mahbub Ali—and is recruited by the
British Secret Service to train as a young


Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) was born in Bombay, and completed his studies
abroad before returning to India, where he wrote his celebrated work Plain Tales
from the Hills. A novelist, poet and short-story writer, he won the Nobel Prize for
Literature in 1907, becoming the youngest person to have ever received this award.
He also received the Gold Medal of the Royal Society of Literature in 1926.