by Shoma Narayanan

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-3116-4
  2. Pages: 268 pages
  3. Date: June 2014


Jai, an aspiring scriptwriter, and Nikita, the consummate modern working woman, live in the same residential high-rise in Mumbai. One night, the two have a dramatic encounter, when Jai rescues Nikita from a near-fatal accident and then offers to moonlight as her driver. Thus begins a tempestuous romance which takes many unexpected twists and turns.
Jai, desperate for a break in Bollywood, enters a love-story contest in Nikita’s name. Will this rash act on his part lead to a nasty break-up or will the two let their barriers fall and discover each other anew? Find out how the young couple navigate their complicated relationship even as they deal with the many colourful characters who enter their lives.
An action-packed urban drama played out in a swanky housing society, It’s Complex! is also a heartfelt story about what happens to seemingly sorted people when they face major choices in life.


Shoma Narayanan is a banker who is also India’s first Mills and Boon author to be published internationally. Her books are quick, zingy reads featuring feisty, independent women and sexy, super-hot men—happy endings guaranteed!