In Haleema’s Words

by Fatima Ahmed

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-1998-8
  2. Pages: 432 pages
  3. Date: September 2012


Sensitive, reserved and rebellious, young Haleema Mohammed feels stifled in her
wealthy, conservative Muslim joint family in Hyderabad. Her only sources of solace
are her free-spirited best friend Parvati, and her writing and painting. She pours her
pent-up feelings and observations into high-flown, embroidered words and hides
her writings under her mattress. At the first opportunity, she flies the coop and joins
Parvati in Bombay. Life in Bombay in the ‘swinging sixties’ is a revelation. Ardent
suitors, parties, trips to Goa, occasional trysts with drugs and hippies—Haleema,
with Parvati’s encouragement, experiences the fullness of life denied to her earlier.
But more is in store—a visit to Amsterdam and a two-year stay in London, new
friends, her one true love and new realizations. But is it all meant to last forever, or
will Haleema’s fond dreams shatter when faced with hard reality?
Lyrical and evocative, In Haleema’s Words will take the reader on a journey through
the mind of a passionate young woman trying to find her way through life.


Fatima Ahmed, born in Hyderabad, is a senior artist with many solo and group
exhibitions to her credit, both in India and abroad. Her work is included in many
prestigious public and private collections like The National Gallery of Modern Art,
New Delhi, Birla Museum, Kolkata, and Harsh Goenka’s collection in Mumbai. She
has translated several leading Urdu authors into English. She was a columnist for
Indian Post and Mid Day, Mumbai. She now lives in Pune.

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