How Did the Harappans Say Hello? And 16 Other Mysteries of History

by Anu Kumar

  • Category Red Turtle
  • Format PB
  • Imprint Red Turtle
  • Price 295
  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-3131-7
  2. Pages: 125 pages
  3. Date: August 2014


Who were the Harappans and why did they vanish?
Did King Vikramaditya from the Vikram and Vetaal stories really exist?
Did the kingdom of Dwarka actually disappear under the sea?
Did the Mahabharata happen for real?
Put on your thinking caps and join author Anu Kumar on a whirlwind adventure
through time to solve the many mysteries of India’s past.


ANU KUMAR now lives in Maryland, US, having already lived in and travelled
to several places. Her historical fiction includes the Atisa series. Her nonfiction
includes In the Country of Gold-digging Ants. She also writes for
older readers, her recent books in this category being It Takes a Murder and
Inspector Angre and the Pizza Delivery Boy.