Hit for a Six

by Payal Dhar

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-4962-6
  2. Pages: 152 pages
  3. Date: 30 December 2017


Thirteen-year-old Laila is mad about cricket, but ever since her favourite player admitted to match-fixing, she wonders if she could love the game again. All this is complicated further when she discovers that her school is going to be home to the town’s first ever girls’ cricket club. Can her hero’s betrayal and her love for the game coexist?

Meanwhile, working on a school project about their town’s historical spots, Laila and her friends stumble upon a series of apparently unrelated questions that point to a mystery just begging to be solved. What is the secret behind the new owners of Laila’s erstwhile secret hideout, Old Mister Marshall’s house? Who are the anonymous benefactors who have sponsored the renovation of Laila’s school? What is the secret behind the new girl Jasmine’s grumpiness and why is she so good at cricket?

Laced with a niggling mystery, some nail-biting cricket and a few precarious friendships, this book is sure to leave you asking for more.


Payal Dhar has been making up stories all her life. Sometimes she has got into trouble for them, but sometimes they have been published as novels and short stories, mostly for young people. She’s also a freelance editor and writer, and writes on computers, technology, books, reading, games, travel and anything else that catches her interest. When nobody’s looking, she either has her nose in a book, is surfing the Internet, or battling evil in a computer game.

Visit Writeside.net to find out more about Payal’s work and play. She lives in New Delhi, India.

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