Her Master Key: A Hotel Housekeeper’s Stories from Inn-dia

by Shruti Johri

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-4964-0
  2. Pages: 172 pages
  3. Date: 30 December 2017


She uncovers incredible and amusing stories from luxury hotels in India. She captures extraordinary episodes of infidelity, bigotry, and brings to light the absurdity of travellers. She highlights the struggles of white-collared, blue-collared and non-collared staff to break the stereotypes around hotel professionals. While much has been written and read about star hotels in the West, the tales from India remain untold.

It’s time we read these stories!


Shruti Johri started her career with hotels, where she gained most of her work and life-skills. She has published newspaper columns, blogs and short stories, and is among the top ten winning writers at ‘Times of India—#TOIWriteIndia’. She is an instructional designer, trainer and researcher by profession.

Shruti is married and lives with her two daughters in Bhopal.