Great Books for Children: A Guide

by Preeti Singh

  • Category Red Turtle
  • Format PB
  • Imprint Red Turtle
  • Price 195
  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-2366-4
  2. Pages: 240 pages
  3. Date: April 2014


Great Books for Children will make parents and children aware of the most amazing
books that are out there. From classics to manga comics, adventure to fantasy, historical
novels to supernatural stories, there are lists here for all kinds of reading options for
In this book, you will easily be able to find:
• Reading lists that are age appropriate;
• Titles divided into genres to help readers pick the best of what interests them;
• The best Indian books for young readers;
• Checklists for children to record their readings and rate them.
There’s no better friend than a book, and Great Books for Children will help parents,
teachers and children find just the right ones!


PREETI SINGH worked for a number of years in the corporate sector. She is also a
voracious reader and is currently working on a novel and a series of books on Indian
history for children.