GAIN TO LOSE An Essential Guide to Losing Fat by Gaining Muscle

by Dr Sheela Nambiar

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-3755-5
  2. Pages: 286 pages
  3. Date: October 2015


Does being SLIM mean being FIT? Does losing WEIGHT mean losing FAT? Is exercise only about losing WEIGHT?
In Gain to Lose, Dr Sheela Nambiar, a practising obstetrician, gynaecologist and a fitness and lifestyle consultant, explains how losing ‘weight’ does not necessarily mean that one is losing fat and being ‘slim’ is not necessarily the same as being ‘fit’. Instead, building muscle is the key, not only to losing fat and keeping it off, but for better functionality, a youthful body and greater strength. Quick-fix diets and fads are not the answer; it is important to maintain a disciplined lifestyle. Therefore, say NO to ‘exercise and diet’ and YES to ‘train and eat’. Based on her personal experiences and research, the author has delineated unique ways to permanently lose fat through muscle gain.
This book will show you how to get healthier by applying the right workout techniques, which result in fat loss and help you get into great shape. With useful tips and exercise regimes that can easily be followed by anyone, Gain to Lose: An Essential Guide to Losing Fat by Gaining Muscle is a must-read for women who want not just to look slim, but to be fit.


Dr Sheela Nambiar MD is a practising obstetrician gynaecologist and a fitness and lifestyle consultant. She holds a certification from the National Association of Fitness Certification (NAFC), USA. She has her obstetric practice in Ooty and has a wellness/fitness program called Training For Life (TFL) which she uses as an extension of her medical practice. She also owns and runs the TFL fitness studio in Nungambakkam, Chennai.

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