F?@K Knows: Dead or Alive

by Shailendra Singh

  1. ISBN: 978-93-5304-118-2
  2. Pages: 246 pages
  3. Date: 20 July 2018


After the phenomenal success of his first book F?@K Knows, the entertainment maverick turned social entrepreneur is still not turning to the phrase ‘God Knows’. Instead he is back with some more ‘Fs’ in his life with F?@K Knows: Dead or Alive.

With the same honesty and humour, he sets out to share his latest trials and good fortunes and weighs in on some of the more universal maladies of our times by gazing back in his life and answering the questions:

• What does he see when he looks in to the mirror now?
• What is it like to be the prostitute, the pimp and run the whorehouse at the same time?
• What’s it like to live with the mother of all mothers?
• Is social media really that social? Is there any hope for the ‘wired up’ generation?
• Does God have the best PR company?


Shailendra Singh is a sports marketing guru, advertising whiz, entertainment and communication wizard, and a Bollywood film producer.

He lives in Mumbai, India.

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